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Pampas Grass, which symbolizes the nurturing, minimalistic, zen emotions of getting permanent jewelry welding done with you loved ones. Or you can get a weld by yourself, to empower yourself, remind yourself of your values, and feel close to the meaning of life.


The Permanent Jewelry Story

Permanent Jewelry are jewelry pieces that are welded around your wrist, ankle or neck with a gentle micro electrode pulse, fusing the piece together with intention. The weld removes the need for a clasp, creating a perfectly fitted piece.  The PJ trend began as a representation of the connection between couples and friends, as getting #weldedtogether is a symbolic and emotionally significant experience. And honoring meaningful relationships, creating emotionally powerful experiences is the CORE of what Brightly & Lilian Jewelry is about. 

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Permanent jewelry welding process. What is permanent jewelry? how does peremanent jewelry welding work?

The Process

The welding process is quick, safe and completely painless. The full process, from selecting the piece, to the weld, takes about 10 to 15 minutes. 

Bring your friends, family and partners to cultivate meaningful memories to cherish. 

Select matching charms, cohesive styles to express your personal style with intention. 



What if I need to remove the jewelry? 

Not to worry. You can simply cut the chain (preferably at the site of the weld), and get it re-welded at a later time. Also, we offer free re-welds if you have done your jewelry with us!

For those who do not like the idea of unremovable jewelry, we also offer clasps that are welded and measured for the perfect fit!

Where can I get the welds?

We offer permanent jewelry in Calgary at our market events on a first come first serve basis. Check our homepage and IG for our upcoming market locations. 

We also take appointments at a scheduled Pop Ups at the Ninth&Brick store in Calgary! Drop ins are welcome, although there may be a wait. 

Can I book you for events?

Yes! We offer permanent jewelry services for events such as bridal showers, golf tournaments, weddings, etc. If you would like to book us for an event, email us for more details!

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