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Calgary Permanent Jewelry​ Calgary Permanent Bracelet Cakgart

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Permanent Jewellery

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Calgary jewellery welding

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Upcoming Calgary Markets: 

Fri. Sept. 8th - Chinatown Lantern Festival - 4-10pm

Sat. Sept. 9th - Little Modern Market - 9:30am - 4:00pm

Sat. Sep. 16th - Bloom Market - Kensington ContainR - 3pm-9pm

Sat. Sept. 23rd - Branded Market - MRU - 9am - 4:30pm


Unique engagement rings

one of a kind rings

custom engagement styles

special occasion rings

lab diamond rings

wedding rings

wedding bands

bridal rings

quality service

fair pricing

Gold Jewelry, rings, earrings and bracelets, gold smith

Empowerment  Jewelry

Celebrations of you
Treasures of time
Reminders of hope

Tokens of love
Fine gold jewelry
Adorned with meaning

What we offer

Calgary, Alberta, Canada shop owner


We are a small business, based in Calgary, AB, Canada. Brightly & Lilian Jewelry provide quality heirloom gold, fine and timeless, storytelling pieces that captures our meaningful lives and empowers us to live wholeheartedly. Our jewelry are celebrations of life, treasures of time, symbols for hopes, and tokens of love.

Our jewelry strikes a balance between delicate dreaminess and unapologetic boldness. At the core, our jewelry celebrates who you are. 

Now offering permanent jewelry welds, creating cherished moments, expressions of love, and tangible connections between you and your loved ones. 

And with that, let us remind each other what it means to be human - the essence of connection.

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